Go and tell…

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Go and tell…

It’s Sunday evening, time to send my offering off to Wyn for tomorrow’s posting. I was so blessed with the message in our worship service this morning, I want to share some of it with you all.

Pastor Tim is a middle-aged, very energetic man. Leading the service he draws us all in immediately and we find ourselves loving to worship our Creator, our Lord and Savior. When I leave Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, I know I have truly worshipped God!

Today he gave a small history lesson as he began by talking about Martin Luther. I doubt that any of you has escaped knowing that this year is the 500th anniversary of Luther’s controversial act of publishing all his disagreements against the Catholic Church, of which he was a monk. Now, don’t shut me out here…I am not waving a banner for Lutheranism. No matter what denomination you belong to, Luther’s drastic break with the Church has affected everyone in Christendom.

Pastor Tim started by telling of a recent survey he had come across. Said survey stated that 60% of Americans believe in God – some God. What was startling is the next figure. He went on to say that 90% of that 60% do not believe that Jesus is the only way to salvation and eternal life. That is a startling, huge number who don’t yet know the truth that freed Luther of all his fears, his demons.

While a student at university, Luther made a trip home and while traveling he encountered a great storm. Fearing for his very life he cried out to God, making a vow to serve Him all his life should God save him. Keeping his vow, he entered the monastery. It was then that Luther struggled so with all the laws of the Church, as well, of course, as the Laws of God. Not finding any rest for his soul in trying to do good works, buy forgiveness, etc. he pleaded with God to show him the way to Him.

I doubt God took much time to answer Martin… whenever I pray “Search me o God, and know my heart, try me and know my anxious thoughts; And see if there be any hurtful way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” God doesn’t want me to live burdened by sin. He shows me through His Spirit, usually in His Word, my sin.

It was while reading in the book of Romans, that Luther began to understand that the righteousness he sought could only be found by faith in the saving blood of Jesus Christ. And so began his liberation from all of the Church’s laws and his freedom in Christ.

What does that mean now, to me? I am bothered by that large percentage of God-believing people who do not believe that Jesus is the only way to the Father. That, then, is my prayer burden, it is my command to “go and tell” whether it is convenient or not. It is the mandate given to me as God’s child.

I don’t know what dialogue this offering may ignite. But I want to witness to the wonderful blessing it is to live on this earth knowing that I am forgiven of all my sins, through Jesus Christ. How about you?

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  1. Mom, I too have recently had a burden for so many of our friends that do not know Christ. Perhaps it is because some of them are ill, or going through hard times. Or perhaps because I sense more “signs of the times” of Christ’s return. I discussed this recently with a mutual friend…how do we implore the urgency to those people we love, God’s great gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ? After several minutes, I thought the conversation had changed to other topics but she came back with….why don’t we just ask them, “may I pray for you?”. Since then, I’ve tried that, just once so far. I didn’t get a “no”. People may ascribe to not caring about a personal God, but I think when hit with the reality of their own fragileness and a glimpse into eternity..the seeds that we can plant for Christ may fall on fertile ground. Sowing the seeds and the power of prayer for those we love dearly who do not know Christ personally is what we are commanded to do. Gosh, I just don’t have enough hours of the day! I remember Martin Luther’s same dilemma when faced with a busy schedule. History reports that he just spent more hours on his knees in prayer.

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